Upgrades to Vertical Portable Hyperbaric Chamber - Healing Dives

Healing Dives Announces Upgrades to Vertical Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Healing Dives, Inc., an international distributor of portable hyperbaric chambers, recently added a sound system and internal pressure gauge to their 60″ Vertical portable hyperbaric chamber, enhancing your hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience.

For disabled, comatose, and mobility challenged individuals, getting into and out of a standard portable hyperbaric chamber is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Claustrophobic people will rarely lie down inside of a horizontal portable hyperbaric chamber, but they have no problem sitting down inside of a vertical chamber. As a result, the 60” Vertical portable hyperbaric chamber from Healing Dives has enabled greater numbers of people to have access to the healing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.