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Ear Plugs (25 Pairs)


25 Pairs of Ear Plugs

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While most people find that using a portable hyperbaric chamber is just as easy as flying in an airplane, a small percentage of people have trouble clearing their ears.  Chewing gum or swallowing fluids will not be sufficient, resulting in an uncomfortable build up in ear pressure. Some people are unable to fully benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a result of this issue.

Until recently, the only solution was invasive ear-tube surgery or dangerous prescription drugs.  Now, there is a natural alternative. 

The Healing Dives Ear Plugs have a built-in pressure regulator which alters the way that the ear experiences pressurization and depressurization. By slowing down the change in pressure in the middle ear, these ear plugs enable your ears to adjust to pressure changes at a more gradual rate. 

The Healing Dives Ear Plugs should be worn during each session in the chamber, and for up to 15 minutes after you have exited the chamber.  They are disposable, and each pair typically lasts for up to four sessions.  They are available in both adult and pediatric sizes in light blue or clear.  No prescription is required.