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Everyone who purchased a portable hyperbaric chamber from Healing Dives is invited to send us photos of themselves and their family members with their chamber.  Your photos and stories will be posted here.  Many of the people whose photos and stories are posted here are using their chambers to treat off-label conditions.

Anestis with his Healing Dives Deep Chamber

Anestis is 7 1/2 years old and has autism. Andreas, his dad, bought him a portable hyperbaric chamber and an oxygen concentrator, which he began using in October of 2008. Anestis spends one hour a day in the chamber at 1.5 ATA, breathing 95% oxygen through a mask....

Tyler in his Healing Dives 28″ Chamber

Tyler is 5 ½ years old and has autism. Tyler’s mom and dad bought him a portable hyperbaric chamber, which he started using in December of 2008. Sometimes he goes in the chamber with his dad, and sometimes his cousin keeps him company in the chamber. He spends one...

Sarah in her Healing Dives 40″ Chamber

Sarah is 9 years old and has PDD. Sarah’s mom and dad bought her a portable hyperbaric chamber. She began hyperbaric oxygen therapy in September of 2008. Sarah spends one hour a day in the chamber at 1.3 ATA. Sometimes her little brother keeps her company in the...

Evo with his 40″ Vertical Chamber

Evo with his 40″ Vertical Chamber

Evo suffered a stroke two years ago. He had been going to a clinic for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, but he felt that having a chamber in his home would be more cost effective. He wanted a chamber that was easy to get into and out of, due to his mobility issues, so he...

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