Jake in his Healing Dives 28" Chamber - Healing Dives

blog-5Jake is 6 years old and has autism. Tom, his dad, purchased a portable hyperbaric chamber for him in February of 2009.

Jake likes to go into the chamber with his dad. He brings his portable computer into the chamber, and he plays computer games and watches videos in the chamber. He does one 90 minute dive on weekdays and two 90 minute dives per day on the weekends at 1.3 ATA.

According to Tom, they began seeing results after the 12th dive. Jake’s kindergarten teacher was quite impressed with the positive changes in Jake’s communication skills and in his interactions with other children.

Jake recently finished his first round of 35 dives, and will soon start on his next round. Tom is excited about doing more blocks of dives to see what additional gains Jake will make.

Jake lives with his family in S. Riding, Virginia.