Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Features




Inflatable bolsters are an integral part of our chambers.  These bolsters are inflated with the same compressor used to inflate the chamber.  The bolsters can be easily deflated for storage or transport.


We have selected one of the most secure buckles on the market to ensure your safety and comfort.  These metal buckles are designed for strength, safety, and ease of use.

Carbon Filter:

The activated carbon filter traps chemicals, gases, and odors, including volatile organic compounds, improving the air quality inside the chamber.  It also makes the compressor run cooler and quieter.  


Our patented, ultra quiet, oil-less pumps provide sound suppression, which permits a restful and relaxing dive.  These highly compact motors are designed for continuous operation, providing you with a long lasting solution to your hyperbaric pressurization needs.  With their small footprint, these compressors are easy to transport, and will easily integrate with your home or clinic environment.


The vertical chambers comes with carpets and wooden floors.  The anti-microbial carpet is durable, child friendly, and easy to clean.  This specially designed carpet inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria naturally.  


We have designed our lightweight, durable PVC frames to prevent exposure to metals and toxins.  The frame can be easily assembled and disassembled so that your chamber can travel with you.     


This foldable, compact mattress is made with an easy to clean surface.  The mattress is both comfortable and versatile, and is easy to transport.

Pressure Gauge:

This is an industry leading gauge, providing highly accurate readings of your chamber pressure to ensure safe operation.  This gauge is so sensitive that it can measure individual millibars, which are a fraction of a PSI.

Urethane Coated Nylon Material:

The chambers are made from a very strong, highly translucent white urethane coated nylon material that provides for an extremely bright ambiance inside the chamber.  You can easily read or relax inside the chamber using only standard room lighting.


The 26″ Chamber has two inflation valves, one auxiliary valve, and a dump valve.  The rest of the chambers come with two inflation valves, two auxiliary valves, and a dump valve.  This combinations of valves ensures the safe operation of the chambers. These valves give the occupant of the chamber the ability to control the rate of compression and decompression from inside or outside of the chamber.  External devices can be connected to the chamber using these valves.


The triple layer windows are comprised of a firm plexiglass layer sandwiched between two vinyl layers, ensuring a tight, long lasting seal.


The airtight zipper securely seals the air pressure inside the chamber, without the need of massaging the seal or a flap.  The internal airtight zipper is coupled with a heavy duty external zipper to ensure the integrity of the seal.  The double sided zippers can easily be operated from both inside and outside of the chamber.


With over 25 years of experience manufacturing hyperbaric chambers, our team of experts have gained the experience and knowledge to produce high quality products that will meet your needs today, tomorrow, and in the future, at a price that is affordable!