Dan with his Healing Dives Shallow Chamber - Healing Dives

blog-4Dan is 93 years old, and he suffered from a stroke in the process center of his brain in May of 2007. In September of 2008, he fell and broke his hip.

Lorena, his wife, rented a portable hyperbaric chamber for him in January of 2009. Due to his fragile health, Dan started with thirty minute sessions 4-5 days per week at 1.3 ATA, accompanied by Lorena. They slowly built up to one hour daily sessions over a period of months. After two months of renting the chamber, Lorena took out a reverse mortgage so she could purchase the chamber for Dan.

According to Lorena, Dan has responded dramatically to HBOT, and he has recovered much of his lost function. He is now well enough to undergo physical therapy and chiropractic treatments. He continues to improve with each block of treatments, and Lorena is very optimistic about his future progress.

Dan lives with his wife Lorena in Coupeville, Washington.