dr.clinicsPerhaps you’ve considered offering mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy to your patients but you haven’t yet purchased a portable chamber for your office.  Join the ranks of doctors, medical professionals, sports trainers, and health spas that currently offer mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy to their patients. 

Most conditions require ongoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for optimal results.  The typical protocol consists of 80 one-hour sessions, split into two treatment blocks of 40 sessions each, with one-two sessions daily, 5 days per week, with a 3-4 week break after the first 40 sessions.  

The standard rates are $75 per hour in the 26″ Chamber, $100 per hour in the 33″ Chamber, and $125 per hour in the 40″ Chamber, 46″ Vertical Chamber, and 60″ Vertical Chamber.  Clinics in higher income areas charge $150+ per hour for a one-hour session in a portable hyperbaric chamber.  Thus, a single patient can generate between $6,000 and $12,000 in revenue over a three month period.  

Many patients like the chambers so much that they wish to continue the treatments in their own home.  Some businesses rent portable hyperbaric chambers to their patients for unlimited treatments on a monthly basis.  Chambers are typically rented to patients at monthly rates in the $2,000 to $3,000 range.  Thus, you can keep your patients happy while generating additional cash flow with minimal effort.  

The Healing Dives portable hyperbaric chambers will increase your bottom line.  The chambers are relatively inexpensive to purchase and are virtually maintenance free, so they will pay for themselves rapidly, typically within the first 6 months.  


To increase your cash flow, the 26″ Chamber can be leased for $152/month, the 33″ Chamber can be leased for $195/month, the 40″ Chamber can be leased for $282/ month, the 46″ Chamber can be leased for $391/month, the 40″ Vertical Chamber can be leased for $282/month, the 60″ Vertical Chamber can be leased for $369/month, and the 60″ Chamber WA can be leased for $434/month. These payments might vary, depending on your credit, as well as the term of the lease.  All commercial leases include a $1 buyback at the end of the lease term.  

DEFERRED PROGRAMS:                                                                                                                                                             

Do you need time to start generating revenue from your chamber before having to pay for it? Contact us about our deferred payment programs.  


We rent and sell used monoplace and multiplace hard chambers.  Decompression chambers are also available for rent or purchase.  Used hard chambers start at $50,000, and complete systems start at $75,000.  Installation and training are available upon request.