Storm in his Healing Dives 28″ Chamber - Healing Dives

blog-3Storm is 7 years old and has PDD-NOS. Virginia, his grandmother, purchased a portable hyperbaric chamber for him in December of 2008.

Storm goes in the chamber by himself, and he likes to play computer games in the chamber. He spends one hour a day in the chamber at 1.3 ATA, and he recently completed his first 40 sessions.

According to his parents, Storm’s cognitive function and communication skills have improved, he’s less sensitive to stimulation, and he sleeps through the night. His teachers have also remarked on the positive changes in Storm.

Storm has made significant gains as a result of using the chamber, and his parents are very pleased with his progress to date. They can’t wait to see what other gains Storm will make as a result of long term use of the chamber.

Storm lives with his family in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.