Healing Dives Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

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26 Inch Chamber - New copy

26″ Chamber

Lease from $152/month

33 Inch Chamber - New, Cropped copy

33″ Chamber
Lease from $195/month


40″ Chamber

Lease from $282/month

Healing Dives 46 Inch Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

46″ Chamber

Lease from $391/month

60″ Chamber WA

Lease from $434/month

40″ Vertical Chamber

Lease from $282/month

60″ Vertical Chamber

Lease from $369/month

Oxygen is the Essential Element for Existence.

By giving your body oxygen, you’re giving it strength, resistance and life. However, pollutants in our environment diminish our body’s oxygen levels.

So why not get more of what you need?

Promote natural healing, stimulate the immune system, and improve overall health!


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Maybe you learned about hyperbaric oxygen therapy on TV or through research on the Internet. Perhaps you have a friend or relative who has benefited from HBOT. Maybe your doctor recommended HBOT because he’s seen how much it’s helped his other patients. However, you don’t want to be inconvenienced by daily trips to a clinic that is far from your home, and you don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on treatments with nothing to show for it.

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Healing-Dives-Chambers-Resized-300x200A portable chamber in your home is the best solution. A portable hyperbaric chamber is incredibly convenient. With a home chamber, you can fit your treatments into your busy schedule at times of the day that are best for you and your family. You can use your chamber for unlimited treatments for as many months or years as needed for one low price. When you have completed your treatments, you can sell your chamber for close to what you paid for it, due to the high demand for chambers.


Once you have decided that a portable hyperbaric chamber is the right solution, you have to decide which chamber to purchase. Buying a portable chamber is similar to purchasing a prescription drug. If you buy a name brand prescription drug, you are overpaying due to the excessive marketing and advertising costs. Buying a portable chamber from Healing Dives is like purchasing a generic drug. You are getting a great price, because our advertising and marketing costs are minimal. Since everything is done on the Internet, we are able to pass our savings on to you. That’s why our portable hyperbaric chambers are 35% to 50% less expensive than comparable chambers on the market.


To make your choice even easier, we carry chambers for every budget, ranging in price from $4,995 to $17,495, and ranging in size from 26″ in diameter to 60″ in diameter.


We’re currently offering monthly rentals on all of our chambers. While a monthly rental is not a long term solution to your hyperbaric needs, it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with hyperbaric oxygen therapy before committing to buy a chamber. Chamber rentals start at $795 per month. Our rental chambers are typically in stock and ready to ship upon receipt of your order.Learn more

Rent To Own

Do you want to try a chamber before you buy one? Contact us for information about our rent-to-own programs.

Extended Warranty

Our chambers come with a 2-year warranty. Do you plan on using your chamber for many years? Extended warranties of up to 5 years are now available on all of our portable hyperbaric chambers. Contact us for details.

Financing & Leasing

Financing and leasing are available for no money down, with monthly payments as low as $164. We also offer 0% financing for up to 18 months on a revolving line of credit.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will like our portable hyperbaric chambers that we offer a 15-day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your chamber for any reason, you can return your chamber for a 100% refund, less shipping costs.

International Buyers

Please contact us for information about optional pressure upgrades to our chambers.



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